Vespa Clubs in California

Formerly the Vespa Club of Santa Cruz, the association changed its name in March of 2010 to reflect that many of its members ride other makes of motorscooters. It does not matter what you ride, so long as you ride. The club was officially formed January 31, 2007, with 21 members.

Vespa Club Los Gatos was founded in 1989 by Rolf Soltau and Julius Pleshakov. The inspiration for the club was to promote the appreciation of Vespa motorscooters in the United States, as well as to forge friendships and ride with fellow enthusiasts.

The Vespa Club of Los Angeles is dedicated to uniting Los Anglese-area scooterists for charity rides and/or special events. It is not affiliated with any particular club, but rather all clubs and individual riders who want to ride with other riders from all over Los Angeles for a good time and/or for a good cause. And, even though the emphasis is on Vespa motorscooters, the Vespa Club of Los Angeles welcomes anyone interested in any type of European motorscooters.

The Vespa Club of Monterey was founded in 2006 by Roger Vandevert, Ken Jones, and Charles Hamper. In 2004, Roger was bit by the scooter bug and bought his first Vespa P125X. Then he began to seek out other scooterists and met Charles Hamper, of the old R-Scooter Club, and most recently Ken Jones who had finally decided to stop just looking at Vespas and start riding one. Ken bought his GT in September of 2005 and was also seeking a Club. After a year or so of coffee-get-togethers, it was decided to take a leap forward and reformulate the mostly disbanded R-Scooter Club into the new Vespa Club of Monterey.

 Los Caped Barbarinos - A scooter group in Santa Barbara that loves silliness and scooting. We seek to spread smiles in our town by riding while wearing silk capes with pride.
 Westside Scooter Club - The Westside Scooter Club pride itself in creating rides and events for those that own and operate Italian scooters only. The main focus and passion of the club members are vintage Italian scooters.
 Combat76 Hornets - The Combat76 Hornets is a Vespa club with two chapters in California, one in Lake Clearlake and one in Waterford.

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